Precision Ag
GPS Field Mapping

Field mapping alone may not seem useful, however mapping the field with gps can give you an exact idea of the amount of tillable acres in a field. These maps are usually layered on top of a USGS Image of the surrounding area.  We can also layer an NRCS Soil type map over the field and determine what and where the different soil types are in your field.
Grid Soil Sampling

Grid Soil Sampling is a requirement for any Variable Rate Nutrient Application.  Grid sampling basically takes a field and breaks it down into 2.5 acre fields or grids.  Within each grid a soil sample is taken, which consists of 10 cores of soil combined to make one sample.  Those samples are sent to MU's Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory.  The results from those samples are used to determine the Lime - N - P - K to be applied within each grid.
Nutrient Recommendation

Nutrient recommendation is recommending how much nutrient to place on the field.  Variable Rate Recommendations vary for each soil sample point.  Different analysts make recommendations based off of different formulas.  Our recommendations are not only based off of soil test results but soil type and crops previously grown, planned to be grown, and their respective yields and yield goals.